Why Buying on Amazon is an Awful Idea

While Amazon has some amazing deals, it’s important to know that it is not always the best place to buy products. There are a number of scams that exist on the site, and many sellers charge too much. If you’re considering buying something on Amazon, you should read this article to find out why you should steer clear of this marketplace.

amazon charge sellers to much

If you’re looking for something cheap, you might want to look elsewhere. Amazon’s website is notorious for poor quality control and poor curation. If you’re looking for tea lights, for instance, you might find the wrong brand or 50 instead of 75. This is a symptom of how Amazon treats warehouse workers.

Amazon’s return policy is also problematic. It’s not uncommon for people to leave one star reviews for items that don’t work, and Amazon ignores this issue. In addition, they suspend your account if you get three or more 1* reviews. These actions are not only unprofessional, but also potentially costly. As a result, more US sellers are leaving Amazon.

Another problem with Amazon is its power. They’ve been known to bully publishers by demanding huge discounts on popular books. This is one of the reasons why some books are so cheap on Amazon. It’s even possible to purchase books on Amazon at a fraction of their retail price, which hurts smaller publishers. This is also bad for independent booksellers and chain retailers.

many scammers sell on amazon

Having a good understanding of Amazon’s policies is crucial to avoiding scams. The marketplace has long struggled with fake and counterfeit products. A seller will list a product at a low price in order to win the “buy box” and earn every sale that results. However, if the product is counterfeit or damaged, it will decrease the seller’s conversion rate.

In its annual report for 2016, Amazon reported that there had been an increase in fraudulent sellers. This means that the impostors are becoming smarter and finding ways around the system. One such scam involved mailing an empty box to a different address in the same city as the customer, and then getting someone to sign for it. This trick made it harder to file a claim with Amazon.

Another scam affecting sellers on Amazon is the “buyer scam.” This occurs when a buyer orders a product but never receives it. In order to avoid this, sellers should check the delivery option and choose a shipping method that allows them to track the package.

alternatives from buying on amazon

There are numerous alternatives to buying on Amazon, including free sites and apps that let you purchase goods from a range of categories. For example, an app called Book Cities will display the closest book stores in your area. It will also display their contact details and opening hours. You can also view a brief description of each store.

Many consumers have found that browsing the endless online store of Amazon can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to narrow down the options, and the countless identical products with different brand names can quickly lead to decision fatigue. For this reason, some shoppers are looking for Amazon alternatives. They want to support small, local companies, or simply have ethical concerns about Amazon’s business practices.